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t-t-troublemaker ([personal profile] phonographs) wrote2016-03-09 04:36 pm
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rp wishlist.

rp wishlist
regular stuff
☐ hand holding
☐ studying/tutoring
☐ awkward confessing
☐ dating but not dating
☐ taking care of a sickly
☐ injuries
☐ spending holidays together
☐ being apart for a really long time
☐ friendships ending
☐ breaking up
☐ getting back together
☐ (por que no los dos?)
☐ in mourning
☐ other shit im shore
alternative universe
☐ hogwarts
☐ benders
☐ college
☐ different sports teams
☐ modern
☐ school idols/rock band
☐ gods/mythology (pjo au/greek/japanese/egyptian idgaf just gimmie pls)
☐ future/sci-fi
☐ road trips
☐ greaser/socs
☐ punk/nerd
☐ heyyy future fish!!
☐ secret agents
☐ i fuckin need a princess mononoke au ok
☐ coffee shop/florist/bakery/tattoo
☐ dwrp game-verse shit (what happens after x character/game drops/closes)
☐ first time
☐ awkward first time
☐ failing at sex in general???
☐ sexting/skype/phone sex
☐ marking
☐ romantic-in love sex
☐ semi-public sex
☐ sex marathons
☐ threesomes
☐ foursomes
☐ one night stands (can also be au-ified as well!!)
☐ other shit im shore

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